Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things That Make Me Go 'Mmm'

a couple more drawings, while watching titan AE. i didnt realize that was whats-his-face's last movie in a while....i guess rotoscoping is on its way out, eh?

seels have become a big part of my life. i can't really explain it without sounding like a crazy person?

usually i cant draw boys i like. exception! also: i am dumb looking oh no.

in other fabuloso news: me and my roommate might be having a show early next year, which would be baller. i really want to do stuff with woodcuts, maybe tantagrams, maybe a couple of characters...not sure. but the cool thing is, i havn't taken any vacation at all this year (because i am poor!), so i get to take basically all of december off. which means: time to work on a portfolio, time to work on show stuff, and time to start playing world of warcraft again!

hmm that last one might be a bad idea.

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