Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And The World Turns

i can't design anymore. i'm not sure what happened, what i've lost, or where to find it. but i do know that it makes me grumpy and unhappy, like a teapot with no spout, no way to let off steam. theres been a lot of sleep going on, to avoid the hassle of being awake.

so, trying to draw, and at least make some leeway in that department. my visual language is neanderthal at best, so i've been doing a lot of studies of my art books, trying to find a way to see the world again.

a study of emma frost, from one of my new xmen books, and my roomates hand from life, doing what we do best.

some hellboy studies. i'm incredibly interested to find out his formula for what gets to be black, and what gets to be everything else. i thought it would be as simple as doing a few drawings from my comics, but the mystery remains.

and, a cute boy i know! xo

i have so many projects i get scared, and dont work on any of them. this should change!

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Trish Tatman said...

I have somewhat lost (what little) design ability I had to begin with in the wake of THE FULL TIME JOB. It is beyond depressing. I hope New York is good to you, though.