Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Things In Motion

i have this idea in my head, to start a flash comic with my characters. the flash wouldn't be intense, just things like characters blinking, small movements in the background, whathave you. maybe some sounds. i'm not sure.

of course, to do this i need to get the real storyline fleshed out, storyboarded. i need to be able to draw all my characters. some of them are just so..dumb. they reek of 15 year old angst, which makes sense, since thats the last time my brain did any real thinking about them.

so here is an attempt at Thorn Wallis, one of the four main charcacters i have. she gets half a body, because thats about as much as i can muster out of myself. strep throat, ughh. anatomy, ughhh.

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