Saturday, May 2, 2009


so after two days of drinking, wearing the same clothes and not showing, i came home and for whatever reason decided it was high time to finish up this calvin and hobbes painting. once i move into the city i am going to lose the ability to spread out, so these projects need to be done before that.

a sad realization is that, that empty bar in the very middle of the canvas, is supposed to be the foreground ground color.....and thats going to be impossible to remix, i remember having such a hard time getting that pink for some reason?! i have to mix a goldenrod for the moons too, then everything thats white will be filled in with an almost-black black. et voila!

after this, ive just got to finish coating up my deer, and i think my outstanding non-digital projects are completed :) whoopie!


McLean Kendree said...

Did not even realize you had a blog, Lex! Looks like you're keeping uber-busy with lots of fun things. I really want to have a white deer-head too, now.

Andrew Sanchez said...

haha omg this painting. i can't wait to see it done. it already looks really sweet!