Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Internets!

so i am the proud owner of and! it will eventually roll into a (popular!) blog, where me and cohorts will post things we love, and things we hate, from a range of different topics. i used today (a slow day at work) to set up the nameservers, so hopefully my brain will consider the ball rolling and i will churn out some designs somewhat soon.

i'm hoping to have my new portfolio site (read: not really new, so much as revamped and scrapping the overused 'lightbox' script, which wasn't overused when i used it thank-you-very-much!) coded in the next few weeks as well, so between these two projects i should start having a pretty sick web presence!

at the moment, love has not yet populated, but do check back! i will, of course, post deets as they happen!

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