Sunday, May 17, 2009

Breaking Down Walls

i have been in the biggest art block of my life. i'm not sure what it is, but the swirling thoughts of ideas in my head just aren't coming out right. the most frustrating part of this would be my inability to draw anything exciting. im so tired of drawing characters just standing there; no sense of time, place, story, emotion. its like, whats the point!

this isn't horrible, but its not great either. im pretty proud of the torso area though, thats usually my achilles heel. theres something off with it though, im not sure what. i know her one horn looks super big but what can you do.

i like how zhadra comes out as some weird hippie. im sure even medieval times has their fair share, amirite?

as soon as i get into the city (june 15th!) i'm going to figure class once a week. nothing beats seeing the real thing. especially when your brain/hand has lost the ability to fake it.


Andrew Sanchez said...

i really like the colors! i sort of wish there was some bright yellow beer in that mug but yeah, super sweet drawing!

ps have you unfrozen zee account!? :9

Unknown said...

Hey, cool blog; I didn't realize you had one.

In Manhattan, Spring Street &/or Society of Illustrators are great for evening figure stuff; I think Tom Carlson might be trying to get something going in Jersey City too... Shaaaa!!!