Sunday, April 12, 2009


ahh, last minute lex strikes again! i was asked to do a tshirt for a party my highschool friends down in DC are throwing, based on a shirt my friend sarah got one fateful day at a VNA sale...

for whatever reason the phrase has stuck within our group of friends, and theyre now basing their party around it (haha). so my task was to do a shirt 'in the same vein' as the original, only...cooler.

ive been pretty busy the last few weeks, so sitting down to do something fun was actually more difficult then i would have thought. i'm pretty decent at drawing, but for the life of me i could not come up with a stylized horse illo. the first design i came up with last night (they wanted the design by today, so we could get them printed by next saturday) was really hard to look at, i don't even want to share it; my original thought was i wanted it to be really organic and hand-done, but of course under pressure i defaulted to iconography and text-bubbles, my design stand-bys, lol.

i'm not sure if itll greatly increase the cost to print on both sides, but i think it would be sweet if we print the design on the back, and then an empty bubble on the front for you to write something in..there's going to be a lot of people there from a lot of different places, so you could always just do your name, or a drawing, or just leave it blank, whatever. it'd be a pretty cool little thing though :).

this party is going to be amazing! the icons in the bubbles represent the different things that will be making an appearance at the party (shotski, discoball, music, friends, etc), plus a throwback to the original with the horse/horseshoe. i hate lassos. seriously, who can vector a decently looking lasso, i ask you?? im pretty pumped to be wearin this, and see everyone else there wearin'em too..we got the shirts wholesale from American Apparel (sweet!), so they're gonna be pretty long-lasting too. hooray for a foray into shirts! maybe once we move out, if we can get a silkscreening area set up, me/joe/julian can start a t-shirt biz.....

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