Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stark Baster

it is done! project two of three: complete.

okay, thats sort of a still needs its final paintjob. the picture makes it look much smoother than it is, but after trying spraypaint unsuccessfully, im going to just need to do a couple more coats of primer...but i wanted this sucker on the wall. holy balls its so epic, im so happy with how it came out! it was such a crazy process, but i have to say, i love learning new processes. he has a couple more details to add, but the piece name is 'by the skin of your teeth'. im going to try to get an SVA student to expose a screen for me soon, i might get that on there too and screen it to the back in blackletter or something. maybe ill freehand it. who knows! also, that is my mom in the picture: hi gayle!

and let me just say: bondo is a piece of shit, and never use it for anything!

i think his name might be baster, pronounced 'b-a-ster'. im not sure how i feel about that, but it is a personal rule that i name everything the first thing that comes into my head. which is how i ended up with a rabbit named sandwich and an external harddrive named pascal.

in other exciting news, my projected move-out date is June 1st! A couple of friends from work are also interested in moving out/moving, so we're going to try to all find a place together! i hope they won't mind, im going to end up bringing a lot of shit to hang on the walls, between this, my teacher's piece, calvin and hobbes and other various paintings, plus about a zillion posters. i'm just so excited to be so close to the next leg of this adventure we call life! the last year has been pretty crazy, but im glad i did everything i did, because i feel like im in a better place for it :>.

cross your fingers! also, ill upload some cut&paste pics soon too...sadly, not taken with my nikon, so theyre all pretty crappy :<.

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TP said...

Man that is HARDCORE!!! Awesome!