Saturday, January 19, 2008

Woah There

first post of the new year (i think)!

well, i have some stuff to post up, and some more stuff to post up that i dont even have web-ok yet (so expect another post soon!) -- ive started taking the steps to finally finish some personal projects i started last semester, namely the calvin and hobbes painting, and my 'friendbuttons'.

yesterday i woke up (randomly; i dont have class friday so..) at 7:45am, and around 8:20 was finally like 'okay get up', and spent the next three hours finishing up the buttons (which i dont want to post until theyre done - check back!), then headed to school and projected my .ai file onto my canvas, and about 45 minutes later -- done!

then i headed home to start painting -- unfortionately i think i lost allll my paints from painting class last semester (i have NO clue where they afraid i left them in a class at the end of the semester or something and someone found them and thought 'jackpot' -- theres a rant there, on the integrity of artists, but thats for another time haha), so i didnt have enough white, and the orange came out WAY too saturated. i should have just waited until i got some, but i was so antsy to start i just began anyways. im going to go over it with a lighter, more opaque color, but heres the progress so far:

im going to do the flat color first, then go back in over everything with a not-quite-black charcoal color. exciting! i cant wait to have it on my wall!

as far as the buttons go, i need some serious resizing, and im frustrated at my degraded ability to actually MAKE the damn things with my button maker. hopefully sometime in the next week ill finish them all up and get some pictures of the final packaging.

and i guess my last project is 'lexsited', my concept project for doing portfolio sites for artists. i have gotten how to integrate a blog into a website, and now just have a few more things to deal with before it can go live! exciting!

speaking of that -- are any of you illustrators interested in this service?? a really nice, professional, easy-to-update-and-manage website?? please comment and let me know, id really appreciate it!

and to finish up -- go see cloverfield! best movie ive seen in a while!

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