Friday, December 21, 2007

The Last Break

well, i wish i had something to really post up here other than a personal update, but lo, sometimes thats all there is.

taylor came up to visit for a few days, so i had the opportunity to show him good ol NJ (hur hur), have him meet my highschool friends, my little brother, and we even went into the city for a day to see young frankenstein and have some dinner (he has only been once in 8th grade -- so sad!). all in all it was great, and i dropped him off today at 4pm, but! im going down to GA to visit with his family from jan 3rd to the 6th(ish), so that will be exciting as well!

i had resolved to not deal with anything until after he had left, and now he has, so im going to list out my goals for this break:

  • design all my posters/whatnot for my silkscreening independant study

  • compile a list of potential employers (that is well researched)

  • create a 'skeleton' website to use for possible portfolio sites

  • as far as the last bullet goes, i know a bunch of illustrators have been having issues getting websites built, and ive also had it expressed to me to do a few outside of ringling, so i was going to set up a few bare-bones sites for people to choose from, and from then on, all of the work will be simply creative, and i would only charge 30$ or 40$-dollars per site. im not sure how many people would take me up on it, but it would be nice to simply have the resources there, just in case.

    anyways, all of that starts today, as well as my regiment of running -- 3-4 times a week, lifting on the offdays; i need to stop being such a puge!

    anyways, check back for updates on progress, and feel free to use the comment box on the side -- its sad to think nobody ever reads this stuff!

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