Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Any Takers?

well! lexsited is almost 100%; i need to finish up its splash pages, and put up a dummy page for people to click through, then open for business! if theres anyone out there reading this that would be interested in utilizing the capable design abilities of a fourth-year graphic design major to design/code their portfolio page with a working gallery, blog integration, and easy-as-pie updating abilities....shoot me an email at!

also, i think that tomorrow i am going to head to the woodshop after class and try to cut out another one of my deer heads. my intention was to give them out to a couple of friends (i dunno, i really like deer!), though i would like to silkscreen something on the back, but i never cut them all out save one..

i have another 3 partially cut, and then 11 more still 100% on their block of wood...hurrah, more personal projects! oog.

im currently in the process of putting together my portfolio, and im not going to lie, i feel a little dissapointed in myself. theres so many projects i had such high expectations for, but through the learning experience of figuring out time management, they all seemed to only come 60-70% (at least, as far as my expectations for how 'well i can do'). then, i fooled myself into saying, 'god who cares, i just never want to look at this again'....and now, here i am, looking at it again and cringing a-new.

ive learned a lot about the field and myself during my time at ringling, but i do wish i had grown up a bit faster. a fat lot of good this realization does my final semester but, im excited about looking forward. most of the things im doing now i am incredibly proud of, so that will just have to do!

ill upload my poster in a later post, when i have a web-safe version saved. time to dive back into portfolio, eehg.

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