Saturday, January 26, 2008

In The Name Of Progress

i have been painting today! granted when i paint, it usually means 'systematically laying down solid color', but who cares. heres where im stopping for the night:

excuse that its upside down (the edges are drying), but there we have it! the bute on the bottom right is wayyy too saturated, but i had done that a week or so ago; tonight i did the other two colors. it was arduous (i think ive been working since..maybe four? or five? and its 10!), but im glad to be done -- everything i have left is WAY more interesting than that big solid block. my back sure is killing me though!

hooray for working on projects for yourself!

1 comment:

TP said...

Peep!!! That is looking so creamy!!!
I know it's going to look sweet!