Monday, November 19, 2007

Sooo Cloooose

TymeLyfe: Round 1

just a quick link to my page spreads so far. im going to introduce some vector elements and patterns throughout it, but if anyone has any feedback (right now it feels soooooo boring :|), let me know!

Clue: The Movie

also, heres a link to my recent digital video adventure; redoing the title sequence for a movie (mine being 'clue'). the footage is kind of shakey, but i was too tired to reshoot it after having already done so a few times. gotta know when to cut your losses!

in other news, im going home for thanksgiving tomorrow morning! i have a packed schedule lined up, but somewhere in the middle of that i hope to get some serious timelife progress done..once i get my added elements figured out, i have to look up some binding techniques and start designing the cover!!! gotta make this thing kick ASS!

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