Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hindsight Schmindsight

just to pause as i grind out chapter 1 of time life, its interesting to think that this semester is almost over. literally, two weeks from today! thats going to fly by, as it already has, as out 'last registration' flew by, thanksgiving break flew by, deadlines flew..well, not by, but up rather quickly.

and i finally can see what all those seniors meant when they said 'i am so ready to be out of here'. sure, a life of academia sounds splendid..from the teaching side. suddenly im not so eager to get my masters; a few years without classes to deal with will be a rest well deserved.

after a brief talk with andrew and hadar this evening about the nature of our 'work', it got me starting to get into that 'this is a chore' mindset, which sucks!! art should never be a chore, though like anything when you are asked, over and over again to perform perform perform, its understandable things eventually boil down to that point. but no longer!

so we have a dummy book due in utie's class tomorrow, and i decided to change my idea tonight (hah..), which means i need about 26 spreads lain out, and im up to 20 right now - granted those are imageless, and i have some tweaking to do, but im at least glad to have it all laid out. itll be nice to get some feedback on a tangable thing.

then tomorrow after class...sleep! glorious, glorious sleep 8).

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TP said...

Hey Beep, let's have a strong finish this semester! Yeah! You're doing it!