Thursday, November 8, 2007

So It Begins!

Presentation on Tuesday, November 13th for all students in CJ-9 at 11:20. Interested seniors with illustration, graphic design, motion graphics/animators, photography and/or painting plus computer skills may submit portfolios, sketchbooks, process books, resumes, cover letters to Career Services on Monday, November 12th before 3:00 p.m. Interviews Tuesday afternoon.
Cover letters to:
Mr. DanWeiss
American Greetings
One American Road
Cleveland, OH 44144

looks like american greetings is coming to school next monday...i think im going to double check my portfolio, add in a few new things, and hand one in. i dont really think id want to work for them but i mean...gotta jump at all opportunities! plus it would be good practice at giving interviews..i think im going to just submit to everyone that comes, just for that practice. i think in the end im going to want to work somewhere that wont necessarily be coming to school but, you know..never hurts to network!

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