Wednesday, November 7, 2007

In The Middle

im not sure why the image below doesnt work, does it work for anyone? just me? im not sure. nevermind i just resaved and reuploaded it. i guess blogger doesnt like to upload things from a url..

anyways, im in the middle of a ton of processes right now, but heres some quick after effects work. we had to take a quote from a movie and animate it in aftereffects; this was done in a couple hours, nothing too exciting, but its my first thing done in the program ever so thats exciting!

V for Vendetta

im also still in the process of learning to silkscreen, which sadly is halted since i cant seem to coordinate a good time with felicia to wrap everything up. i also am in the middle of a write-up for applying for an independant study doing silkscreening to take the place of a more stupid studio elective.

this is my last time signing up for classes! (until i eventually get my masters!)

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