Monday, November 12, 2007

Little FIsh in a Big Pond

Lex Evans Fall 2007 Portfolio

heres the portfolio i submitted to American Greetings! sadly i didnt read closely enough and thought the thing was today, so i woke up early enough to print out the edited pages in the labs, AND go to the presentation from 1120-1215, so i had some time to kill..silly me! when i submitted, i was the ONLY GIC who's name was yet on there, amongst about 15-20 illustrators so if i get an interview, ill get to represent basically my entire class hahaha. i wonder why more gics dont submit..oh well, more room to rock it for me!

i wish more people put their serious portfolios like to see what people are submitting for the actual COMPANIES to see (as opposed to just the work), but then again i guess thats just the GIC in me talking lolololol.

in other news: too much to do! updates in the next few weeks!


Kim Hazel said...

Wow! I have to say Lex, your portfolio is awesome. I should enlist your help sometime for my business card & junk, if you have the time that is. 8)

Lex Evans said...

haha cool yeah! id be happy to help 8)