Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fast Break!

the title says it all...well, we're in the equivalent of finals week at school, and im scrambling to get everything done with some room for error to spare! timelife is finally coming to fruitation; ill just save myself the exporting and post images of the final, i think. then theres our final painting, which is as done as its going to get, and finally a digital video project that im giving myself only two days to complete. heres my schedule so far:

tuesday: get files completely set up to drop off at print services wednesday morning
wednesday: have a couple of people check dummy; drop of files/paper to print services; hit up joanna fabrics and office max; spend the rest of the day cutting blank pages for blank books; binding demo with ashley and felicia; practice practice practice
thursday: continue and finish building all dummy books (for those playing at home, thats 16 hardback books) AND slipcover; if i get my printed pages back cut/bind those as well
friday: if get pages back, cut/bind .. full timelife to be done by end of day friday
saturday: get footage for digital video project; cut/sync/edit the shit out of it
sunday: finish dig.vid project for monday; marinate in the sweat of my labors
monday: class/crit; class; class/crit; get wasted
tuesday: class/crit; get wasted
wednesaday; do we even have class? i have no idea haha

so, just a little taste of what the life of a gic is like during crunch time..i havent gone to sleep before 6am in a long, long time.

also, i have a painting to share, but i sadly left my camera in my friend's car over thanksgiving, so i will not be getting it back until christmas new work until then! oh, ive also taken a break for the last hour or so, and installed a little comments board..nobody really comments on my posts, but its always fun to add new little widgits here and there!

anyways, good luck to everyone who is in the same boat as i -- just one more week!

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