Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Study Hard

wow 22 posts! well, i guess blogs are pretty easy to handle so i shouldnt be THAT shocked but still!

so here are some color studies for the calvin and hobbes landscape. the bottom one is the original colors, but i was thinking about messing around a little more and customizing it a bit. i know its coming away a bit from the original design, but this is something im creating a) out of my love for his linequality and b) i want to hang, so the interior designer within me wants it to match where ever i might put it.

any thoughts? suggestions?


TP said...

you've done 22 posts??!!? you are a true blogger!!!

~chi said...

hmm... if you're staying away from the bottom one, I think I like the top one best. the middle one, with the blue sky, is too normal!