Monday, October 15, 2007

Not So Sleepy Panda

my panda painting! this was done all today in my painting class for our 'free' assignment. im pretty pissed at the angle of the biggest bamboo chute in the right top corner, so im going to repaint it's angle, but otherwise im pretty happy. its also on a canvas that i made, right down to the stretcher! how nutso! i think i might do another one, either still using bears, or another seemingly cute seemingly herbivore. who knows..i need to finish my calvin piece first haha. either way, funny how i manage to get flat color even into my painting class; i was all prepared to defend it as still hitting the points of the assignment, but she thought it really hit a place between being graphic and painterly. sweeeeeeet. i might make it into a sticker for my senior show.