Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Separation is Divine

okay! so finally some progress on my group gic project. i was skeptical about working in groups, but hilariously enough mine ended up being me, ashley and felicia, so we basically couldnt have started out any better. a brief overview of the project is that we have to either choose a preexisting company or make up a new one, and (re)brand EVERYTHING. for our's, we're making a new company up, and we're targeting our area to be..Big E's. lets face it, big e's has a lot going for it except for the fact that it is GROSS and SLOW. but they have the location, the customer base, the products.

our spin on their concept is turning it into a small coffee house food place (basically what it is now)/refurbished clothing and accessories and furniture/venue. okay, you're probably now going what the fuck, why dont you throw dentist's office and zoo into the mix while you're at it, but i think we've really got something! the concept behind the mix is that most small towns (aka: sarasota), dont really have a 'scene'. you cant go into a closeby city, and everything that is here other than ihop closes way earlier than most of us would like (and by 'us', im including local highschoolers too -- everyone wants somewhere cool to hang out!). so, our concept is to keep the local small-time coffee shop scene, but in the other room we would also have a small clothing shop. this is basically going only be refurbished clothes IE - things you find that are sweet from places like goodwill or salvation army, OR clothes you make yourself! this includes accessories, housewares, whatever, and would go in the new big e'a addition during the day. then, at night, the clothing store closes down and the place goes into full coffee house mode. then, some days on the weekends, there would be shows where local bands or whoever could 'book' a night, and cheap 2 or 3$ tickets would be sold, and everyone would rock out, buy snacks and drinks and listen to cool music. theres so much more room there then you think, and the parking lot offers space for people who have to drive, or people who want to get out of the hot room after everyones been freak-a-leakin to the music.

with all that in mind, we are going to try to design EVERYTHING -- this goes for a new name/logo, which i have my personal attempts of at the top. i know ashley is supporting the top left designs with the leaf or bunnies, though i think the leaf is my personal favorite, because it also represents how we want almost all of what is used in the store in general to be green-conscious (not the color, the movement!), and the little leaf growing out of the kind of asphalt-ish font sort of conjoured up that mental image for me. then of course theres lables, store displays, bags, websites, catalogues (we're doing a sweet photoshoot sometime this week/weekend...expect to see some SWEET pics by ann!), and taylor even said he would be totally cool with modeling out big e's so we could plaster some of our stuff there and export a sweet quicktime movie as part of our presentation.

anyways, you can see why i kept bringing it up in previous posts, but are just now sitting down and explaining it/showing work..its a TON of information! its also due october 25th, so we have got to get a MOVE on! it took us FOREVER to come up with the name, which unfortionatly none of us is extatic about but we really just need to get going so, who knows what will happen in the process! im excited to take this all the way, and make it a serious project. expect to see a lot of process!

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