Saturday, October 6, 2007

Line Quality

well, a little progress so far..i did the man colors quickly, but then sat back and realized that all of bill watterson's artistic grandeur is his freaking awesome line quality. and then i realized i am working in illustrator, and then i stopped working and went out and ignored it for a few days.

but i sat down here today and decided i should start doing something, even if its just to see how things will flesh out (maybe it would look stupid and ill just nip the project in the bud), but i think so far its not as hard as i would have thought. i definately really want to silkscreen this, but i would need to build some fucking HUGE frames, and silkscreening kind of implies the idea of an edition where this is something i want to be unique in production. so who knows! i dont even know how im going to get the right porportions on the canvas, gosh, this is going to be intense!

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TP said...

you are recreating greatness! yeah!