Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's A Wonderful World

so real quick, im going to be doing a painting of the above image, which is from a calvin and hobbes comic strip. the basic ratio is approx 3"x2", so im going to scale that up into something pretty sizeable, about 4'x2.66'? ill have to doublecheck the math on that, but something around there. im going to vector it now in illustrator so i know what kind of shapes im dealing with, but otherwise im going to try to keep it as close tothe original as possible. i think itll be sweet to have this kind of abstract image from the comic in painting form, plus im just going to stretch my own canvas to whatever size i want it to be, which will be a cool experience too.

we presented our projects for our gic class, but i honestly dont really feel like going into our's yet since i have no visuals to go along with it (thats what this weekend is for!), so check back sometime later this weekend!

i also ended up staying up until 7am this morning, then sleeping until noon and going to class 1230-615 to get those paintings done, and i think they ended up alright. i just need to learn to not blow things up into these huge impossible tasks...its just, a painting, lex. silly me!

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