Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wild Wild West

its DONE! me and kirk's project for our digital video class, 24 hours of work, finally is done. we had our crit yesterday and everyone really liked it..i wish i had the link to the production reel we made (i snapped a ton of pictures of the process and kirk put it to music and added a few other stop motion things we had done), cause thats even more ridiculous than the movie itsself.

i have my meeting with farber, so i have some changes to make to the postcards below which somehow slipped my mind yesterday eek, but before that i have to make a shitton of phone calls..yikes! theres always so much to do!

in other quick news, today is september 11th, so a moment of silence for the kids in my high school that lost parents, or had to take part in that tragedy at all.

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