Saturday, September 8, 2007

Postcard to Nowhere

another quick image update; i have a lot on tap for this weekend, which was not helped by going out last night at midnight to a bodypainting party at newcollege, and getting in at 3. the above is progress on a postcard for one of my teachers who, to this day, holds that i should have switched to illustration freshman year. nice for the ego i suppose, but i just loooooovveee type!

he's having a show in pennsylvania, a lot of collage/printing/added elements prints (one of which i get to pick as payment whee!), and said this was the kind of layout he wanted -- simple, not giving anything about his work away, right justified. go figure! none of the back as been figured out yet, as we're only printing color on one side, so ill have to be careful about designing the back in b/w to match the front in color.

im trying hard to keep this updated with process work arrr!

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