Friday, September 14, 2007

One Down, a Zillion to Go

well, the postcard is done, totally to his's definately not the most interesting thing out there, but its what he wanted so i guess now's as good a time as ever to realize not every job you get is going to be jawesome.

im in the CA labs right now with taylor who is re-learning me in the ways of flash -- i have a tendancy to completely forget everything i learn in flash after the projects are over, and me and the buttons dont really get along. im planning on doing the illest of ill site in flash as a warmup -- im hoping its not too NOT urban for their liking but lets be serious here: who has a show with the EXACT same theme as last year anyways. especially if theres only a select few people that even do art in that style. JUST MY TWO CENTS 8).

anyways, it should come out pretty well, and i think will be a good showcase of my ability to use transitions in flash -- i dont want to post anything until its completely done though, i think itll lose something. stay tuned!

in other news, this weekend im feeling incredibly motivated, so ive written myself out a list of 'things to do so next week you wont want to die':

- illest of ill site 1 done
- start utie's superlogos

- do all painting homework (two paintings in total, neither really started at all)
- continue work on utie's superlogos

- shoot footage for oneshot
- finish utie's superlogos

which..basically gives me no time to myself this weekend BUT what can you do! im about 50% sure that willie will approve the site, and i want to give myself time next week to work on a new design if all doesnt go according to plan.

also, ive finally gotten back to my aunt, who needs a logo for a company her stepson just bought called "Fit For Fun", which is some group that goes to schools and sets up almost field-day like things for preschoolers. sounds kind of lame but, his future, not mine! expect process on that as i get started.

phew, so much to do.

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Trish Tatman said...

They told me last years illest theme was 'sick'.. but I dunno. None of the stuff we're really done for it so far as been 'urban' in my opinion, unless that's just completely general anyway...