Saturday, September 8, 2007

Home Home on the Range

some background elements of a stop animation project im working on with kirk radish. we're supposed to take an idiom and within 20-30 seconds visually portray it. we kind of went the extra mile (though it feels more like the extra 15 miles) and greenscreened the whole thing, and we're digitally adding in the background. the basic storyline is that taylor and kirk face off in a duel, kirk attacks with a knife which, when thrown, lands at taylor's feet. taylor looks at the knife, looks at kirk, pulls out his gun and the rest is left up to you. the idiom is 'dont bring a knife to a gunfight'.

ill post it when its done! its due monday, and we JUST finished editing out the greenscreen today around 6, and we're smushing it all togehter in aftereffects, but i dont really know the program so im still just making little vector elements. hearts for the brush tool in illustrator.

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