Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Taking Time

well, in an attempt to get some things that have been 'looming' (for lack of a better word), i didnt end up starting my painting homework today until around 5. our assignment is to paint 'the best painting we can' (thats word for word), and then a version of that painting in black and white. it took me forever to choose what to do, and in the end i just went with my flipflop, whats below is about an hours worth of work:

its kind of dark, but what can you do with a camera sometimes blech. i took a picture of my painting from class (first painting evar!) apple! hooray for beginning with fruits!

tonight is my digital video class, where we're supposed to be doing a stop animation pieces based on an idiom (and in groups). me and kirk are doing 'dont bring a knife to a gunfight', and hilariously enough his dad used to be a 'cowboy', and had a ton of stuff, so he went home this weekend and brought it all back. we're going to use brent and taylor i think, and shoot it at some construction site so it looks all dusty. im kind of nervous though, because im not really good with the technical side of these things, and its due monday (and we havnt started). hopefully we'll make some killer progress tonight.

im supposed to meet farber later too to talk about his postcard. i dont think im going to go out this weekend except for work, since me and kirk have to shoot AND put together this movie, and im going to try to get his postcard done, and im shooting to get the illest of ill website done as well.

wish me luck :<.

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