Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speed Designing

I havn't designed something for the sake of designing in a while. So while feeling crappy and being home from work, I sat down to flesh out an idea I had for redesigning girl scout cookie boxes!

'Tis the season, and with two boxes on my own pantry shelf, the designer in me couldn't help but wince at its design. Iconic, yes..everyone knows what color corresponds with their favorite cookie (thin mints for me please!). But the stock photography on the sides says nothing about the modern girls that make up the Girl Scouts these days. These are girls with facebooks, myspaces and cellphones.

So, I thought it made a lot of sense to have the new packaging be more about these girls. Light on the photography, but on the back, every box has a space for the Scout selling you said cookies to sign her name. That way, every time you grab the box and snack away, checking out the packaging while you standing chewing in the doorway, you're reminded that this box actually DID something. There was a girl behind it that you've supported, which is what the whole point of the cookies are.

Also, lets be honest: what's more fun than coming up with iconic visuals of the cookies. Worked for maybe 4 hours on's nice to flex these muscles and just do something you want to do every now and again! And to finish something! That's a feeling I havn't felt in a while.

Feedback appreciated! Especially from real people, as opposed to all the weird chinese messages I usually get (thanks blogger).


Kim Hazel said...

I love these! I would be more compelled to spend $6 on cookies if the packaging looked like this.

Robb said...

I love these too. You gonna send them out to Girl Scouts America? They're killer.