Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When In Doubt

quick poster done for illest of ill 08! im a little late handing it off, but work has me by the nads! if any of you are in the sarasota area, be sure to check it out for its great work, and bring some cash cause theyre sellin posters!

sorry theres been no real art updates; its been taking way longer than i thought it would to get acclimated to the working world™. but things are going well, lots of work to do means people trust you, so thats always a good thing! ive met some really great people here too, new yorkers are such characters.

im going to be working on my portfolio a bit again, so check back as updates should be coming in a tad more frequently (or at least more frequently than once every 3 months!).


Andrew Sanchez said...
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Andrew Sanchez said...

it looks sweet as hells! i think i saw this at the show but i didn't know you made it :( i wouldve totally bought it...i wonder if theyre still selling them...

miss yoU!