Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i figure this counts as art, right? i dont consider myself a professional by any stretch, but my mom is (as a hobby), and i do know what i like. im living at home, probably for about a year, in the attempt to actually save some money. i seem to be in a unique position, as i love my family, and the idea of living in their house not only sounds fun to me, but to them as well! anyways, since i dont have rent to pay, i told myself i would blow my first few paychecks on some cool stuff! i used my security deposit from my last place to buy all the furniture (walmart and ikea!), and me and my mom built the computer desk (legs from ikea), and we painted the walls that blue (my room used to have super small wicker furniture ive had since ive had my own room, and the walls were green stripes of two varying hues). im COMPLETELY thrilled, because its basically the perfect layout for a studio apartment (which is what i want to move into, possibly in hoboken as opposed to in NYC), and i have alreayd gone through all the ridiculous work of finding shit, ordering it, picking paint colors and crap. i can just kind of up and go in a uhaul!

anyways, im really excited, i am a complete girl in that i have to nest incessently, so its been nice to really turn this room into a place to call my own :). i guess its always been mine, but im a pretty different person coming back now than i was when i left, thats for sure!

i havnt done ANY personal art, and im not allowed to show people stuff from work so, for a while this might be pretty quiet..im completely exhausted from moving and redecorating and starting work, and i think im just starting to begin a recovery, which requires a little hiatus from sitting down and opening up illustrator as soon as i sit down! lol


Andrew Olson said...

do art!

Lex Evans said...

i read somewhere that art is for sissies and im never lookin back


Anonymous said...

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