Monday, April 21, 2008

Labor Indeed

excuse the shittiness of the above picture done!! my independant study work is OVER. there is another poster of this, with just me and an '!' in a bubble, but it was the last i did and thus is still drying. PHEW. thats a two to three week labor of love right there! i cant wait to give them to friends friends friends! each little icon up there represents each person in some way, be it an inside joke or just an aspect of them; itll be interesting how many of them read for them!

in other news, our senior show is THIS FRIDAY..and i still have about a zillion things to do before it!!! oh my!!! thats okay though, cause from here-on-out its just fun stuff, posters to sell at the show, takeaway portfolios, buttons..but still, it means more to do! yikes!

if you're in the sarasota area, feel free to stop by ringling's campus for the illustration and graphic design shows!

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