Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Falling Together

im so excited about these! theres something about doing something that (after four years of practice) really looks professional that sends a shiver up my spine! these are my takeaway portfolios to send to companies as my job search continues; the front part is my portfolio (just a shrunk down version of my big 13"x19" one), and the back part is a sketchbook for use by whoever ends up with it. i like the idea of making things for use, things people would have anyway that i can touch in my own way before it gets to them. a .pdf doesnt say much, but getting one of these suckers in the mail means business! i also engineered a system of recessing the CD into the front cover, so its completely flush. i am such a sucker for that shit, even if it means two solid days of work to get all 10-15 done.

we graduate a week from this friday! i am in a complete stupor..im done with school?? possibly forever?!?

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