Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh The Things Out There

just a few links i wanted to share..

Trek Lime - adorable! if it looked more like a road bike maybe, but i could totally see these cropping up all over germany or whatever.
Lung Jacket - awesome concept! nobody would wear it, but you gotta love all those social commentary pieces.
Suck My Bic - haha hilarious idea! of course it wouldnt work as a pen but, itd be awesome for all of us that cant keep our pencaps out of our mouths
Throwing Cans - holy shit!

i have a couple artists sites i found but i dont have the time to look through them so, perhaps another post!

in less than exciting news, i am required to attend a safety workshop for the woodshop, so that i can attend a stretcher workshop next thursday, so i can build my stretcher and not fail my fine arts class. remind me never to take intro courses as a senior. good lord.

and finally, willie has yet to get me my shit for the illest site so, i apologise if anyone was excited to see it today! hopefully hell get back to me so i can get it done and never look back hurrah!

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