Thursday, September 20, 2007


well i just saw the movie 'helvetica', which is a compilation piece about the world's most industrious font...helvetica. if you're not an artist, or a designer, you probably dont realize it but helvetica is was basically the lamen's answer to visually pleasing type forms. all i can compare it to is philippe starck's work, how he is trying to create chairs to replace that gross, trailer park white plastic walmart chair (you know..these) with something thats the same price, only WELL DESIGNED. thats really all it would take to change the world.

i also got in a discussion walking with taylor afterwards about type and design in general, and i honestly think that we are coming in in a weird place for graphic design. there are still people alive, alive and young at that, who learned the art of design and creation soley by hand. no computers, no apple/ctrl+z. hell, i still sometimes screw up reading a ruler, and im not too man to admit it. him and i differed views on whether or not we're going to see a revolution during our time the way helvetica helped set the stage for designlife today, and honestly...i dont think we will. or, if we do, we're going to be hella old. i think we're a generation of see and do -- we like what we see, and we absorb it into our stores for later use (or hell maybe even immediate use), and that goes for design, illustration, animation. i think the kids coming up behind us are really defining things for themselves moreso than we are, or, maybe not even moreso so much as earlier -- it feels like the freshmen/sophomores are making some of their design choices the same way we are, as seniors. and i think that is just because of how our world is today, how much earlier people are exposed to the things that later they will want to turn on their heads. did any of that make sense?

i guess all i can say is, every so often i get SO excited to be an artist!! we get to do this shit for the REST OF OUR LIVES!!! in your faces all you bankers and accounting majors hahahaha.

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