Monday, September 24, 2007


i have no idea if im safe to share this with the world, but i dont think theres going to be any sort of ridiculous unveiling (even willie himself told me 'its kind of an afterthought; i mean, its not like right now anyone even knows a website is going to exist'), so who cares. its kind of ruled my life for the last week, because if i wasnt working on it, i was stressing over not working on it so...its just nice to get it done!

im really happy with how it came out. it really has transformed a lot from last weekend, and im glad i kept pushing it because looking back on my original few ideas, they were way too typical. i am so about creating websites that are nontraditional, that breaks the idea that things are coded in tables, things scroll horizontally or vertically, etc. etc. i want things to break that thin wall between being a website, and being something people really get lost interacting with. its what its all about!

Illest of Ill 2007

if you're in the sarasota area, definately check out the show! and lemme know if you find the sekritttt....

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