Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let There Be Light

another project down!

we have this sick hallway that one of my roommates' and i have our rooms off of. when we first took the place, we thought it would be cool to hang these huge paper lanterns all the way down it, and when we did our many (..many) ikea trips right after moving in, bought all the hardware to do it.

of course, our ceilings are incredibly high, so we needed to borrow a ladder to do this..a task which took until last week to accomplish. i'm on a staycation from work now (from the 8th 'till the 4th -- w00t!), so i figured since im not super busy, i mays well just finish it up.

we've got it on a dimmer, so above is the highest setting. i just ran the cords down the wall seam, so you don't even really see them!

all-in-all, i'd say pretty successful! next up -- curtains for above the cabinets in the kitchen!

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