Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Torn Up Underneath

a little random-energy project: i had this nice hue of woodgrain contact paper i was going to put on my secondary storage doors, but they're covered in this primer the adhesive couldn't stick to. so its been sitting in a corner gathering dust, when i decided to try and cover my alcove in it. took about two hours, and it looks pretty sweet if you ask me! i feel like an asian mobster or something...i think the posters need to come down just a little, but otherwise pretty ballin! you also can't tell, but i did some serious cord-control under the desk too.

finally, the ability to clean up the huge holes that stupid shelf left in my wall!

otherwise, no big news. work and life keep me so busy -- i love new york! theres always so much to do, im starting to finally get acclimated to a lifestyle of go. whoopie!

1 comment:

Cateris said...

Looks great! And... we have the same screen saver. :)