Friday, March 20, 2009

Bambi's Father (needs a name)

geeze this has taken a while to move forward on! so after much internet research, i decided that my skills were not going to be anywhere close to elite enough to assemble this on my own. there's so much about taxidermy i never even thought about! so much of it is about knowing how to work with a ton of different materials. so i found this guy about a half hour away that said he would be more than happy to help me attach my antlers to my form correctly; this was about a month ago, and then work got super busy, and he's only open 9-12 on saturdays.

today i took the day off to prepare for cut & paste tomorrow (everyone should check out the live stream online sometime tomorrow, 630-11pm est!), so i thought 'this is going to be the only time for another few weeks ill have to try to get this done'. so i called him, he said come on in, i drove over at 1030, and he worked his magic! he even gave me some free earliners, and didn't charge me for anything!

so here i sit with the 'most 'roided out deer ever' (according to his assistant); i need to get some bondo between the faux-skull cap and the form to really solidify it, then i have to paper mache the head in place, then smear on some spackle to really smooth out some of the form's dents. then, a white coat, a couple of touches i want to add, and voila!

i think i'm going to try to hang it as it is though..its just easier to have your over halfway-done works on the wall than just sitting around..sort of reminds you what you still have to do. he also needs a name, but i can't do that until hes finished!

other, more personal news, is i am, after 4 years, completely debt free as of last night! this means finally most of my paychecks can go towards saving to move out! of course, this also means that i need to seriously finish up some projects, because NYC is not known for having lots of excess space :\. namely this, and my calvin and hobbes piece. drats, i was planning on putting that above the TV, but i definitely think the deer head needs to live there. maybe the c&h piece can go above the couch....hmmm....gosh i hope i have a flexible roommate!

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