Monday, February 16, 2009

A Sideways Glance

EDIT: updated with better, hanging pictures! stopped by the hardware store today (days off during the week are so useful! gg prez day!) so i could just keep going with my forward momentum and get this doonnnee! i'm so happy, this is the first time in a while i've finished a project and gotten to enjoy it (calvin and hobbes currently lives in our upstairs hallway, and most of my other work is in a poster tube since mom doesn't appreciate wallpapering the walls with my posters). i still think itll be cool to put in a common room though, maybe behind a coffee table or something. gosh that hair ticks me off though, gonna have to fix that sometime soon haha.

it is done! or, as done as its going to be for the moment :).

b/g is b/w, because the only open wall we had is a really distracting orange color. of course, the picture doesnt really do the colors justice, but what can you do!

i'm also not 100% with her hair..its too orange, too bright, but i need a break from it for now. now, all i can think is that i hope my future roommate won't mind it in the common space; all done, it is a little weird, like shes watching you or something. not sure how weird its going to be to sleep with it on my wall! lol

its always nice to finish something up. my next project is finishing my deer head, and after that, my calvin and hobbes mastercopy that i have been so neglectful of :(. gotta get these arts ready for my apt, whenever i manage to make that happen! huhu

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Cateris said...

Congrats on finishing, it looks great! I've been watching your progress, hehe. And yes, it's just a tad creepy. ;)