Sunday, January 4, 2009


today seemed like a good day for painting things white :). i got a taxidermy white-tailed deer form for christmas, with the intent on getting a set of antlers, mashing it together and painting it all white. i love taxidermy, but i wouldn't want something i didnt kill myself, and thats never going to happen soooo this seems a happy medium. very crate-and-barrel, if i do say so myself!

i also did another coat of primer on my board, and then decided now was the time to get that sucker transferred. its 5'x3', with an inch border around the edge (since im cutting it out with a jigsaw, i wanted some elbow room for when the blade inevitably goes off-track) im going to paint black. its going to just be flat color, with the form defined with black lines. who knows how its going to end up; just putting it on the board and standing back, i feel like the legs are MUCH too small (even though in that vector it looks okay?), so ive got some more work ahead of me. my goal is to have it completely cut out a week from today! then the fun part, movies + painting :)

i hope everyone had a great christmas! we went to mexico for a week for a sort of 'family reunion' which was excellent..i got my first serious tan ever, which im considering art because of how carefully planned my 'in the sun time' had to be, haha.

resolutions? have my portfolio updated with new work by march to send out to companies, start setting personal deadlines and MEETING them (big problem for me, and a reason why i can't more seriously do freelance..), and not being a boring stick in the mud!

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