Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

a little project im going to start on next week..i love doing things with real media, it has so much more of a presence that way. time to take over the basement! this is just a little color study; the actual drawing im working off of i left at work over the holiday weekend, so hopefully by next week ill get it cleaned up and my materials set up. w00t!

update: so i was messing around a little and came up with a pose that is a bit more visually interesting (if i do recall) than my original; im having super issues with below-the-waist just doesn't look...right? i really need her to be holding weight on that leg, and i guess it just doesnt feel like that yet/doesnt look physically correct.

would anyone mind lending an opinion? or a redline? :3 the black outline will be painted in with it, its a safety against my noobishness with using a jigsaw haha. color? b/w? opinions? the one on the far right is the body under the clothes.

im hoping to finish up my calvin and hobbes master copy too; i'm also going to have to re-stretch that bitch which sucks, its so loose :(.

heres a little logo exploration for my uncle's son's company 'Gol' (i think like 'goal' but they spelt it wrong?); i'm working with children's silhouettes (harder than i would have thought), and thought this looked cool, though they didnt like it.

expect some project updates this week! im so excited! ive gotta find a place with a projector, hopefully the highschool will have someone willing to let me use theirs..? HMMM.

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