Monday, March 31, 2008


im finally getting somewhere with my silkscreening projects. its been a long, painful road (for what reason i dont know), but ive finally gotten my concept nailed down, and visuals poppin' out!

i wanted to graduate with something to give to my best friends at home, so im doing a series of posters. each will be 12"x18" (18"x24" ripped in half, eheheh im so economical), and each one depicts one of my friends surrounded by icons of inside jokes surrounding that person that we still reference. they each get a speech bubble, and when put together they read "It seemed brilliant at the time", words we've always lived by. each one will have three colors, two colors + black.

itll be nice to know im spending a ton of time doing this in the print labs, but that in the end ill have a sick series that i can grad gift to everyone (seeing as i am 'the art kid' in the group, haha). hooray for getting class credit for making presents!

in other news: the next two and a half weeks are going to SUCK. but then, its clean and clear and under control :).

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