Monday, February 11, 2008

Ybor City Rebrand

logo progress for my rebranding of ybor. the concept is the one on the right is the 'logo', and the one on the left would be at the top of a post, and the color would be a fabric 'flag' which would get changed out with another color every month (to add a touch of unity throughout all of ybor). i tried to add a few modern elements (patterns) along with the wrought-iron feel of the old spanish quarter. i also added the cigars in the middle as the kind of 'seal', since ybor is a big cigar center, and the whole design was inspired by a cigar wrapper.

now, i have to do a 'sticker' for windows, a newsletter, and a poster. im thinking if i can, however, to supplement out the newsletter because, well, newsletters aint much fun.

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