Monday, October 22, 2007

Ah Ahhhh

quick entry with some progress! so tonight me and taylor started modeling out the interior of Big E's for our project, and Brent got really excited and wanted to work on it too! so we've been in full tilt getting stuff done for this for the last few hours, but now its time for a break, since 3-4 hours of modeling isnt exacty the most fun way to pass the time.

the bottom image is a repeating pattern i made to put on one of the walls that i felt like sharing because it took me forEVER to get to line up with no seams. sadly i drew all the bubbles with the brush tool in illustrator so they look shitty up close, so ill prolly fix that up but.

tomorrow ill take a picture of the almost-fully-gessoed canvas for the calvin and hobbes project..i know, its still going, slowly but surely. i wish i had stretched it tighter but im a little SOL now so, oh well!

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