Tuesday, September 4, 2007


i'm having an interesting time focusing so far this year. i dont know if its because of the freelance skipping two-steps behind me where ever i go (okay, nevermind, thats probably it), but its exhausting. im thinking about taking a sabbatical from hanging out for two weeks to get myself all caught up. lets see, mental list of what-to-do:

- stop motion piece on 'dont bring a knife to a gunfight'
- 2 paintings
- redesign of the logo (blech)
- logo design #1 (f)
- logo design #2 (f)
- website (f)
- gallery show postcard (f)
- illest of ill site (f)
- attempting to do some things for myself (hah)

miguel's website is up and running at http://whoisglue.com/ so i checked that one off my list. fo sho. tehlex needs a sweet redesign, but im going to try to do something in flash, might take all semester...we'll see.

its a crazy world out there, hobbes.

oh, and im now 21. weirrrd.

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